Summer 2019 - The story behind the Pina Colada

As we wait for the incoming storm Lorenzo to make its way over to us, it got me thinking of the summer, although we might not have had the best summer when it comes to the weather, we did see a great number of tourists visiting our beautiful town. This of course brings valuable business to the local shops, b&b’s, hotels, restaurants  and pubs; including ourselves.

Pina Colada Image

We were lucky enough to get away before the holiday season began, as we did some island hopping in Greece I unknowingly started taste testing all the Pina Colada’s the Greek Islands had to offer. After getting back from our great holiday the holiday blues started to kick in. Frank came flying down “I have a flavor just for you” as he passed our a very brightly colored try of chocolates, “Pina Colada Choccy’s”, so although the trip was over it was great to have a little bit of holiday sprit in the shop, Oh and of course they were delicious.

As we head into the winter we just wanted to thank all of our customers for supporting us over the last few months and for this we are going to offer a 10% discount on all of our book boxes for a week starting today – 02/10/2019.