We have decided to answer the 5 W questions for our first blog


Koko Kinsale has decided to take on the challenge of doing a written piece every month throughout the year on this blog section. We have taken this as an opportunity to discuss our ideas and feeling that month and why and how we have created our chocolates over the past month or so. Whether we are discussing matters related to our business or to the chocolate industry itself we would like to cover many areas associated to both. We hope this will allow us as a business to grow and look more broadly into different sectors of the chocolate industry, giving us another space to feel inspired from and reach out our customers.

We will be posting a new blog at the beginning of each month where we may have guests who can discuss different topics with staff


This blog may be written by any member or members of the team with contributions from outside parties.


Whether its blowing our own trumpet, commenting on chocolate happens around the globe or just a plane old rant hopefully it will provide some interest and a chance for constructive feedback.


Other than this website on computers and phones around the world!However, you will be able to reach our blog from all of our social media platforms as well. The audience will be given a comment box allowing Koko Kinsale to read and take useful feed back from.